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Do I Really Need Identity Theft Protection?  

We believe you do!

There are 3 general classes of Identity Theft Protection Products

 Monitoring Plans - Identity Fraud Reimbursement Endorsements - Identity Restoration Services

Monitoring Plans search the internet looking for your name, address, phone #, social security #, account numbers, etc.etc.etc….. being accessed and possibly used by someone other than you. Identity fraud occurs when someone uses that stolen information to commit a crime or fraud in your name. The monitoring company then contacts you to warn you about the potential or actual danger and damage.

Identity Fraud Reimbursement Endorsements are normally found in a Home Owner Insurance Policy. Identity fraud expenses are reimbursed to the policy holder up  to a set dollar limit with no deductible for named expenses incurred to restore your identity including: Attorneys’ fees, Travel Expenses, New Government IDs, Tax ID Fraud-Related Costs. Lost wages & Reimbursement for Medical ID Fraud Expenses.

Restoration Services either help you fix the damage done to your identity OR actually fix the damage for you. Once the damage is done, the road back to restoring what was yours can be both time-consuming and expensive.

We recommend our customers to:

1) Add the ID Fraud Endorsements in their Home Owners Policy

2) Purchase a monitoring and restoration service that will do whatever is necessary to get your identity restored to its

   pre-theft status. We trust the "IDSHIELD" Plan.

See a list of companies rated by Consumers Advocate by going to

Learn more by going to Then select the “IDSHIELD PLANS – LEARN MORE” button.

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